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The Sheep & LLama

The sheep on our farm belong to Sigrid. She bought three ewes, four lambs, and a ram in the spring of 2013. After lambing season in January and February of 2014, Sigrid's flock numbered 14. As of March 2016, we are up to 26 sheep, and the spring lambs haven't arrived yet.

The sheep live in a pen with hoop-house shelters and hay to eat for the winter.

The sheep rotate through small pastures in the summer. We use them in place of a lawnmower in our yard several times per summer. We try (but often fail) to keep them in fenced areas. The llama, Jessie, lives with the sheep as a guard animal.

The older ewes are Kristi, Marianne, Hidde, and Pearl. Their daughters are Lilac, Lily, Tulip, Violet, and Rose.

The sheep were sheared by a professional shearer in May of 2015 and the wool was processed into yarn and rovings at Northern Woolen Mill in Fosston, MN. Sigrid will have yarn and roving for sale at the Grand Rapids Farmers' Market in 2016.

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