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Where's the Beef?

Early in 2020, COVID-19 hit the meatpacking industry really hard. Most of the large meat and poultry processing plants in Minnesota had to shut down or severely cut back their operations.

This kicked off a chain reaction. Larger-scale farmers lost their processing slots and had to get rid of a lot of animals in a hurry, or else hold animals longer than they had planned.

Some farmers sold animals really cheap or even gave them away. People took these animals and butchered them themselves, or got them on the schedule at smaller butcher plants.

As shortages hit grocery stores, smaller-scale farmers saw unprecedented demand for their livestock and filled up remaining slots at small butcher plants all over the state.

Luckily, I got all of my poultry scheduled in for 2020 back in January. I started working in June 2020 on scheduling all my hogs, lamb, and beef into butcher plants, but the earliest I could get beef on a schedule was April of 2021.

So ... we're in a holding pattern on beef until next April.

Thanks for your patience! If you'd like to get your order in for April, please let me know: jane@janesfarm.com, 218-670-0066.

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